MCP-CE 2016

On behalf of the organizing committee we are pleased to announce the 7th International Conference on Mass Customization and Personalization in Central Europe (MCP - CE 2016) as a continuance of our mission started in 2004.

Organized now for the seventh time, the biannual MCP-CE conferenceemphasizes the role and importance of Co-Creation that offers customers a chance to express their differences, and also an opportunity for innovations and new business models such as Mass Customization and Open Innovation
for sharing designs and developments and benefits from the experiences of others.

It is our pleasure to lend our support to the Tempus iDEAlab project, whose aim is to promote student’s entrepreneurship and Open Innovation through cooperation among universities and industry. Results of the project involving 20 partner institutions and realized over three years will be presented at the conference. We think that the MCP-CE conference is a fitting environment to demonstrate the students’ activities in the newly created IDEA labs across the participating countries of southeast Europe. It is our deep belief that the MCP-CE conference, promoting Open Innovation for 12 years now in the region of central and southeast Europe, is the perfect venue for showcasing the achieved results.

Motivated by the initial success in 2014, we are organizing the second Doctoral Student Workshop (DSW), thereby convening and connecting young researchers and PhD students in the fields of Mass Customization, Personalization and Open Innovation. We encourage the exchange of ideas and offer a chance for confirmation of the contributing researchers’ hypothesis with the support of eminent experts of the field during the lively workshop discussions.

In the hope that the above-described reasons convincing enough to ensure your participation, we hereby cordially invite you to participate and share your research ideas, efforts and results with other scientists, entrepreneurs and corporate managers, who are interested in exploring the possibilities of creating customized and personalized products.

Join us in Novi Sad in 2016, share your ideas and become a part of our growing community.


Paul Blazek, Austria

Kelvin Willoughby, Russia

First Call for Papers announced

1st Doctoral Students Workshop DSW-2014

 1st Doctoral Students Workshop DSW-2014

Special issue of IJIEM released, best papers from MCP-CE 2014

Dr Robert Freund received 1st MCP-CE AWARD



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